Movies to get Stoked!

Keep the Stoke High!

We understand that it's getting harder to rider outdoors. If you're like us, we need a daily dose of riding stoke to keep ourselves from going crazy. So we thought we would dig out our 5 favourite MTB films that are all free to view, and put them all in one handy spot.

You can thank us later.

So kick back and keep the stoke high!


3 Minute Gaps

This one's for the racers among us.

For two years the crew of 3 MINUTE GAPS followed the world's best mountain bike racers around the globe documenting them as they trained, prepared, rode, ate, traveled, raced, celebrated, commiserated, and made sacrifices to be the fastest come race day.



While many people are taught from a young age to prepare for the so-called 'real' world, there are some who tear past the illusion of everyday life and explore wild lands of wonder and limitless potential from the seat of a mountain bike.


The Collective - Seasons

Without a doubt one of the best old school films.

If you watch this and aren't stoked well.. watch it again!


The Biggest Slice of British Pie

There's something about the British scene.

We can barely understand what they are saying but the riding is rad. Get yourself a cuppa tea and a scone and kick back for this one.


Earthed 5 - The Law of Fives

The lost wouldn't be complete without an Earthed film.

The Earthed series was a classic. If your a mountain biker but haven't seen an Earthed film, are you really actually a mountain biker?


Not stoked enough yet?!... Then scroll back up and re-watch those movies!

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