Motorex Bike Clean 500ml

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Application: Spray the bike with biodegradable cleaner and – depending on how dirty it is – allow it to act for 3 to 5 minutes (avoid exposure to direct sunshine). Also suitable for carbon! Our tip: First, apply the product to the parts which are particularly dirty and treat the controls on the handlebar last. After allowing the products sufficient time to act, wash the bicycle with plenty of water. To do this, use a hose with a fine spray of water (minimum distance 20 cm). The water spray must not be pointed directly at the bearings and axles. Our tip: We strongly advise against using a high-pressure washer,because there is a risk of the grease being washed off bearings, axles and other moving parts! Finally, rub the bicycle dry with a cotton cloth. Due to the flexible riser in the aerosol pump sprayer, the cleaner works in every position – even overhead!