Mail in Suspension Service - Fork

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Have you ever asked where can I get my suspension serviced? Do you live miles from the closest service center? Well if you have a post office, we can help. Mail-in your suspension to us and we will get you sorted. Read below to see how you can get a full

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I don't see my Suspension on the list?

Send us an email. We will see if our Suspension center is capable of servicing your suspension. Currently, we are only offering services for Fox and RockShox.

How does this work?

Well, first you select your suspension from the list and add the service to your cart. Be sure to add what year your suspension is from in the checkout notes**. This way we can make sure we have the right parts on hand when your suspension arrives.  

Once payment has been received. Our Webstore representatives will contact you via email with an estimated timeline and information regarding shipping.

Once you confirm the timeline, we will ship out a box that you can pack your suspension into. Inside this box is a return label. Simply package your suspension safely into this box using newspaper or other means (packaging not included).

Secure the return shipping label to the box and drop the package off to your local post office***. 

Next, send us an email to let us know it is on route. We will look up the estimated delivery and schedule a service with our suspension center.

Once your suspension arrives.

Our qualified technicians will rip into your suspension...Carefully. And perform the full service that you otherwise would have to travel to the next town to get. If they come across any issues regarding your suspension, you will be contacted to discuss possible solutions. 

Now your suspension feels like new! 

Our suspension techs will hand your suspension back to the web store staff to be safely packaged back into the same box. We will then ship it back to you with tracking information. Once you get it, reinstall your suspension as per the manufactures recommendations**** and go for a ride.

The box is recyclable however, we recommend keeping it for future services.

How long will this take?

Shipping times will vary depending on your distance from the shop. 

Estimated shipping for Expedited Canada post one way:

5-7 business days to/from Montreal Quebec

5-7 business days to Northern Canada

3-4 business days to Edmonton Alberta

1-4 business days to Southern half of British Columbia location dependant.

It usually takes 2-5 days for a suspension service to become completed. So for example, a suspension service from Yellowknife will have an estimated turn around time of a month. While a suspension service from Kelowna, or the Sunshine Coast of BC will have an estimated turn around time of two weeks.

These estimates are subject to Canada Post delivery times.


*This product is for a full suspension service of Front Suspension. Basic service and Dropper posts are in-store-only services.

**If you are a repeat customer and have a box for shipment, let us know in the notes. We will be able to discount/refund the cost of shipping an empty box, and just email you a return label.

***This service is currently only open to Canadian Customers.

****A quick google search should help most people, but don't hesitate to email your Web Store Representative to ask for advice.