Pinarello F12 Headset Bearings Top/Bottom

Specifically for Dogma F12 and PRINCE FX/PRINCE TICR 

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Framesets feature an Onda fork with a 1½ to 1 ½ tapered steerer and a head tube design to match. Both the upper and lower bearing, as well as the crown race, have specific angular surfaces. This Headset Bearing Set contains the correct upper and lower bearings, crown race, and split ring retainer for these designs.

The angular cartridge bearings feature stainless steel races and ball bearings. The combination delivers smooth, precise steering control, and the materials resist corrosion. Pinarello provides these top quality OEM parts so cyclists can replace the originals as necessary, with the strict size and angular requirements for the specified framesets, and we are pleased to make them readily available.


  • Four piece headset bearing specifically for DOGMA F12 and PRINCE FX/PRINCE (TICR) framesets
  • Set includes upper and lower bearings for 1½ to 1½ tapered steerer/headtube
  • Crown race and upper split ring retainer also included
  • Stainless steel bearings and races deliver precision, smooth action, resist corrosion
  • Specific angular contact bearing races for specified Pinarello framesets
  • OEM Pinarello replacement part