Professional Bike Fit

ReTul Vantage 3D Modelling Bike Fit System - Dunbar Cycles



LEVEL 1. Basic Fit - $75

The Basic Fit takes approximately 40 minutes. This fit can be performed with or without cleats.


  • Cleat Alignment
  • Saddle Adjustment
  • Handlebars Adjust
  • Stem Adjustment


LEVEL 2. Retul Vantage 3D Motion Capture - $300

The ReTul Vantage 3D Motion Capture is a real time Pro Level bike fitting technology developed by Specialized Bikes. Comprised of 4 infrared cameras that detect 18 LED lights, attached to your body via a wireless harness. As you ride free of any wires, ReTul collects a massive amount of rich information, ranging from stroke intelligence to body alignment. The tool analyzes 20 data points in order to determine where your pedal stroke begins and how your body is pedalling.

This allows you to see the most accurate data possible in real time, which in turn allows your fitter to see the results of position changes both quickly and accurately.

ReTul appointments typically take between 2.5 to 3 hours and begin with a FREE physical assessment where we sharpen your fit by understanding your physical history, training regime and cycling goals. Upon completion of the fitting, we then adjust your bike on the spot.

We highly recommend this level of bike fitting for Pro Level Racers, A and B Club Levels, and Fondo distance cyclists.


  • 18 Step Professional Body Assessment
  • Bike Adjustments
  • Studio Time
  • Highly Trained Technician
  • Personalized Bike Fit Report


    • To bring Your Bike
    • To wear Your Tight Fitting Riding Clothes
    • All Bike Fits are done out of our Vancouver location


Call Us at (604) 224-2116 or email for Fitter Availability 


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