Finish Line - Citrus Degreaser - 360ml Aerosol Can

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Finish Line - Citrus Degreaser - 360ml Aerosol can

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Super strong and fast. The industry's original orange peel based cleaner that has set the standard since 1988. Cuts through the toughest of carbonized grit, grease, and grime. Low surface tension for thorough penetration into all areas. Finish Line's Citrus Degreaser now features micro-emulsion technology. Micro-emulsion is a cleaning and degreasing technology that uses water as one of its cleaning / rinsing agents This means Finish Line is now able to combine renewable citrus derived solvents (chemical name d-limonene) with specialized surface-active-agents (chemical name surfactants) and the hydrogen and oxygen molecules that make good old fashioned water, an essential ingredient in high performance cleaners. This new technology has a number of important performance attributes: The addition of water significant enhances sustainability / environmental benefits (reduction of VOC's & faster biodegradation), it reduces flammability, it reduces inhalation and skin sensitization risks and it allows a cyclists to quickly clean their drivetrain and greasy parts, often without a final water rinsing step (this saves time and effort). So in the end, Finish Line's micro-emulsion technology provides a safer product for both user and environment and it provides a product that allows the cyclists to spend less time cleaning, and more time riding!