Hope Tech E4 Braided Hose Disc Brake w/o Rotor

With 30% more power than the old Tech 3 E4 along with a lighter lever action.

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The all new Hope Tech E4 Hydraulic Disc Brake is the culmination of of Hope's 25+ years experience of designing and manufacturing some of the best brakes ever made. With 30% more power than the old Tech 3 E4 along with a lighter lever action, the Tech 4 E4 is a stunningly lightweight and powerful brake ideal for trail and enduro bikes. 

  • 30% extra power compared the old Tech 3 lever
  • Lever shape updated to provide a more ergonomic shape
  • Hinged clamp reduces weight and improves ergonomics
  • Tool free bite point and reach adjustments for easy, personalised setup
  • Rigid CNC'd one piece 4 piston caliper with hybrid piston design for improved reliability
  • Supplied with new Racing Compound pads for improved power and modulation

The Tech 4 E4 uses all new internal sealing for reduced friction and the pivot spins on roller bearings, allowing the spring rate to be reduced. The lower spring rate in turn gives a lighter lever action, reducing rider fatigue and keeping our legendary feel and modulation. Not only this, but the updated lever and blade provide a 30% increase in pressure over the Tech 3 lever for a bucket load of extra braking power! The Tech 4 lever also retains Hope's signature tool free bite point and reach adjustments. The updated E4 caliper utilises hybrid style Stainless steel pistons with a phenolic insert allowing for smoother movement and less maintenance, while still able to manage high temperatures without heat transfer during extreme use. If you want the ultimate all-round brake that perfectly blends power, style and reliability, look no further than the Hope Tech 4 E4!